Sculpting Hands, Feet, Painting the Face

Sculpting the Male Fairy

Making Fairies - Booklet Series #2

I'm happy to announce my second set of booklets is finished. This set contains over 100 pages of pictures and detailed instructions!
This set contains the 3 areas I found most difficult to learn, the areas I would have appreciated the most help with: Sculpting Hands, Sculpting Feet, and Painting the Face.
This Booklet Series also includes a Bonus Second Booklet on Painting Faces, showing you just how I painted Jessica, my contest fairy.

Details and Sneak Peek at these 7 Booklets:

Booklet #1
22 pages on Sculpting the Female Hand --Make hands that are delicate and graceful!

Booklet #2
18 PAGES on Sculpting the Male Hand. Learn how to make your male's hands look "manly"!

Booklet #3
15 PAGES on Sculpting the Feet. The process is guided through on the male foot, but method is same for female foot.

Booklet #4
8 PAGES with Tips and Helpful Photos of the Female foot, to bring out the feminity! (Sculpting process taught in Booklet 3 above)

Booklet #5
15 PAGES on Painting the Face. This booklet guides you step by step through the process with detailed instructions.

Booklet #6
8 PAGES of Photos and Lists of Basic supplies, including purchase locations, where possible

Booklet #7
In these 17 PAGES, I'll show you just how I painted Jessica, the fairy from my contest.

This auction is for Making Fairies Booklet Series #2, which includes ALL 7 of the booklets mentioned above. This is an incredible value--you will love the things these booklets teach you!

Over a hundred pages of vivid photos and careful instruction!
These booklets are available for IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD. They are PDF files you can read in Adobe Reader (a free program most computers already have).
This means it could be the middle of the night, and you can still be reading and learning within minutes. Be sure to watch for the DOWNLOAD page Paypal gives you in the check out process to get immediate access!
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