Friday, June 18, 2010

Chest Progress

These pics are actually in opposite order. Picasa has been tricky for uploading but the easiest I've found so far. So scroll down to the bottom. I started with a ball of clay cut in half (to ensure even sizing) and then work the clay in with my wooden tool.

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Mermaid's humble beginnings

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On the work desk...

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Mermaid Detail

I used a lino carver to do the scales. Worked out pretty well.

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A little mermaid...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Flint takes form

I'm using some glass-like eyes I made. At first they are all askew, so I straighten them will tools.

I pinch the sides to give eye shape.
I actually do just start out kind of messy and just keep refining. Works for me!

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Now he's getting cute.
And this is him baked. He'll come to life when I add some color to his face. He's a mix of Super Sculpey and my usual fairy blend. Super Sculpey can make too many moonies for fairies, so I don't use it much. But it's great for elfin folk and other creatures.

Baby photo reference

Kyle Takes a Stand

I'm making Kyle's stand out of a rock and some Apoxy Sculpt.  Kyle has a hollow metal tube in his leg, and his stand will contain a metal rod to secure him to the base.  You can learn more about Apoxy Sculpt here.

Here is a shot of the stand in progress from the back. The rock will be nicely hidden once I'm finished and add a bit of weight to make this stand more substantial. Right now the main point is to build a base I can add to and get the metal rod nice and solid in the Apoxy sculpt.
Oops...forgot to upright this pic, but you get the idea. I'll add more rock and ground (as apoxy) later to have what he's standing on make sense.

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