Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tutorial: Sculpting Kyle's Legs

I've finished sculpting the top half of Kyle and I've heat set him with a heat gun, to just bake the top a bit. His tummy is still soft clay, for blending into his leg clay. I've handled his armature so much, I'll need to rewrap that leg.

He's got a nice face and dimpled chin.

Notice I just gave him a partial butt to begin with. Here I'm just adding on more pancakes of clay.

I keep the clay I've run through the pasta machine in sheets wrapped in Glad Wrap.

I fill out both legs at once. Notice he's missing a butt.

A thick pancake will take care of that.

Filling in this gap with a small pancake.

Smoothing out another butt cheek. I use my wooden tool first, then smooth with my fingers.


Filling in the legs.

I add a fake foot to get keep my proportions right.

Notice how he's missing his muscles above the knee.

Good quads give a leg a manly look.

It's normal for the sculpts to be pretty lumpy at this state. I'll smooth him well just before baking and then sand him a bit, but he'll be mostly smooth already.

Keeping his lower half under wraps as he waits for more attention tomorrow.


  1. Hey this is so beautiful! I love clay artwork. I love the male fairy! Nice that someone has great talent like you to share this with everyone outhere!

  2. Great WIP.....I like your comments as you work....very interesting....I've never did a male....your's is very handsome....I'll keep checking back to follow your're doing a great job in sculpting & showing your wip!! Thanks, was glad you invited me!!

  3. This a beatiful man. Can you tell me , what is the chak-white on the picture of the leg (without clay)- Is it white flora-tape ?. I think a pastmachin is expensive in my coumtry, but i can see the pancake technique is very good, when one shall made muscle.


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