Friday, January 21, 2011

WIPs - On the Work Bench....Eric, Tess

This is Eric.  I began him Monday or Tuesday this week.  He's coming together quickly!

And Tess, who is taking forever....

And this one is taking a while as well.  I don't know her name yet, but I love her face.

A Blast From the Past....Rhianna, my pregnant fairy

And I don't know if I ever named this one.  I think she's the first fairy I ever made.  That rose was fun to sculpt as well.

And I've been playing around with creature ideas.  This baby dragon turned out cute.


  1. GORGEOUS WORK!!! But you already know that!
    Where can we buy your work?
    PS: I'm a digital designer, but I don't create as beautiful as you do! wow...

  2. Wow...I'm just barely seeing this comment (how did that happen?)

    You can find me at and or on eBay as aprylian.

    Thanks for your kind words!


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